5 Fall Activities You Shouldn’t Miss at Asphalt Green: Keep Fit, Learn a New Skill, Have Fun

5 Fall Activities You Shouldn’t Miss at Asphalt Green: Keep Fit, Learn a New Skill, Have Fun

Keeping fit couldn’t be easier when you live at River & Warren. Right on the doorstep of your Battery Park condo, the popular Asphalt Green fitness center features world-class exercise and training facilities plus options for everything from team sports to running and swimming. The only thing that might prove tricky is choosing from the wide range of courses offered here. To help you decide, here are five we highly recommend. Visit www.asphaltgreen.org/bpc for more info on signing up.


When you have access to an Olympic-sized swimming pool, you should make the most of it. Even for experienced swimmers, there’s plenty more to learn. Sign up for the Adult Immersion course to hone your flutter kicking and water treading skills, or increase your stamina in the water by enrolling in the Freestyle 101 course.


Never quite got around to being an NBA star? At least you can play on some of the finest indoor courts in Tribeca. Refine your game in one of Asphalt Green’s Adult Pickup Basketball classes, where you’ll play a series of five-on-five matches. When you're ready, sign up to the league and prepare to show your fellow River & Warren residents what you’re made of.


Renowned Pilates experts Eric Clothier and Samone Weissman have helped thousands of people in the Financial District realize their full potential through this popular form of exercise. Pilates emphasizes controlled movements designed to improve core strength, flexibility, and endurance. The Pilates Reformer Class gives you access to Peak Pilates equipment such as MVe Reformer tower units with jump board, a spine corrector, half barrels, and a high ladder barrel with lever system. Otherwise, keep it simple and enroll in one of the Pilates Mat classes that are free for all Asphalt Green members.

Martial Arts

Asphalt Green specializes in martial arts classes for kids, so if you think your little one will be the next Jet Li or Michelle Yeoh, this is the place to take them. Karate, boxing, tae kwon do, jiu-jitsu, and muay thai are all taught here, with anyone between the age of four and 18 invited to join in. Private martial arts lessons are also available. Hopefully by the time your kids return home to your condo, they’ll be too tired to cause any trouble!


Why do one sport when you can do three? Asphalt Green takes triathlons seriously with group coaching sessions that last 10-24 weeks (depending on the triathlon you’re planning to tackle); individual coaching sessions during which a unique training regimen is created just for you; and special triathlon clinics during which you can focus on a single aspect of your swimming, cycling, or running. With more than 300 members, the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club is the largest of its kind in the tri-state area, so you know you and your body will be in good hands when you join!