Best downtown grocery options and how to take advantage of them in the fabulous kitchens at River & Warren

Best downtown grocery options and how to take advantage of them in the fabulous kitchens at River & Warren

January 5th, 2016
New York is often heralded as a foodie paradise, with Michelin-starred restaurants and food trucks on nearly every street corner catering to just about every palate. However, in Lower Manhattan, an abundance of specialty food shops and grocery stores—selling everything from freshly picked produce to wild salmon—is giving area residents more reason than ever to spend evenings at home eating in. So where do the neighborhood gourmands go?

Battery Place Market | 77 Battery Place

A longtime local favorite, this upscale market offers a wide variety of quality ingredients, from freshly baked bread to local produce, to help you make a delicious meal at home. For those feeling less inclined to cook, Battery Place Market also makes some of the neighborhood’s best sandwiches and prepared food under the watchful eye of executive chef Robert Sckalor, who cut his teeth at the Waldorf and the Four Seasons.

Zeytuna | 59 Maiden Lane

From imported cheese to pastries hot out of the oven, Zeytuna’s fare never ceases to impress. Those fortunate to have enough space to channel their inner Julia Child at home, like in the elegantly outfitted gourmet kitchens at River & Warren, would be wise to indulge in some of Zeytuna’s beautifully cut filet mignon and prime rib.

Raffetto’s | 144 West Houston Street

For many, pasta is little more than an inexpensive pantry staple, but for New Yorkers, it’s an art form. Rafetto’s on West Houston Street has been making some of the city’s best and most creative pasta, from lemon linguini to truffle ravioli, for over a century, and they have the dedicated customer base to show for it.

Hudson Produce | 300 Albany Street

Fruit trees and vegetable gardens may be in limited supply in Manhattan, but nature’s bounty is abundant at Hudson Produce on South End Avenue. Whether you’re in the market for a bouquet of flowers or a ripe papaya, you’ll have no trouble finding it here.

Whole Foods | 270 Greenwich Street

Whole Foods is almost encyclopedic in its selection. Here, you’ll find produce in dozens of varieties and aisle after aisle of savory prepared foods, all of which attracts many a downtown New Yorker on their lunch hour. In addition to the array of breads, cheese, fish, meat, and produce, you’ll also find upscale cosmetics and body care products.

Vintry Fine Wines | 230 Murray Street

Whether you’re in the market for a crisp Shiraz to bring to a dinner party or a pinot noir to enjoy with dinner at home, Vintry Fine Wines won’t let you down. Even if your palate isn’t yet as refined as you’d like, Vintry’s knowledgeable staff can find the perfect wine for you from its 2,500-bottle supply.

FIKA | 450 Washington Street

Any downtown resident with a sweet tooth has likely gazed at the incredible selection of goodies available at FIKA. While the store is a true chocolate-lover’s paradise, with gorgeous truffles and hot cocoa beckoning those with a taste for life’s sweeter things, FIKA also entices with a wide variety of other treats, from citrus and whiskey spread to a signature espresso blend.

For residents of downtown Manhattan, there’s no need to venture far to find the city’s best food when everything from specialty pasta to fresh produce is just steps away from your front door.